Kelsey Lockhart:
"Open Swim"
08/01/2014 - 09/30/2014

My series, Open Swim, is about swimming pools and their many aspects. Swimming and the act of being in water itself can encompass so many forms. From racing, to diving, to lounging on a float - swimming can be exercise or relaxation. You can splash around in a pool with friends, or do complex aerial maneuvers into the water from high above. It provides a matrix for competition, and paves the way for friendships to be made. It can be done in the vast blue ocean against rolling waves, or a chlorinated pool, where the water is still as glass. All you need is yourself and H2O, though the experience can be enhanced with various tools of the trade. There are devices to help those learning their firsts strokes, and precision instruments to measure the speeds of others to the microsecond. My goal was to capture, in an interesting and entertaining visual manner, all of the aspects that make this activity one of my life long passions.

Opening Reception: August 15/2014

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