Mary Jodoin:
10/01/2015 - 12/31/2015

‘Scapes is a culmination of different settings: Fire escapes, cityscapes, and urban or country landscapes.  It is also a state of mind: “I need to escape from or to someplace. “ or “I need to keep moving.”  It could be a physical location or a peaceful memory.  Each photograph may mean something different from one person to another.  It is also a way for the photographer to escape into their work. 


‘Scapes, for me, is a way to demonstrate the hustle and bustle of ever day life from a “moving target” perspective.  I’m either walking or in a moving car. Blurred images connote movement and action.  Odd angles or blurriness could be perceived as imperfections but it is an opportunity for me to focus attention on the smaller details of street life.


INFocus Camera Club Member




Opening Reception: October 9/2015

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